August 2012

The Dirty Guv'nahs

Somewhere Beneath These Southern Skies

American roots rock band, The Dirty Guv’nahs, have just released their latest album, Somewhere Beneath These Southern Skies. Having attended the release party that took place in Knoxville, Tennessee in Market Square along with Moon Taxi and The Black Cadillacs, there is no doubt in my mind that this band is onto bigger and greater things. The Knoxville-based band has been voted Best Band in Knoxville every year since 2008 and has played Bonnaroo twice. 

This six-piece band formed through a mutual friend nicknamed “The Guv’nah.” They began performing in 2006 and releasing their first album in 2009. Their second album, Youth Is In Our Blood, released in 2010, brought about their hit songs, “We’ll Be The Light,” “Wide Awake” and “Baby We Were Young.” The album, with its similarities to southern rock band The Black Crowes, got them a slot opening for the Zac Brown Band and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. 

The Black Keys

"Little Black Submarine"

Let’s talk about The Black Key’s new song “Little Black Submarines,” from their latest album El Camino. The two-piece band, made up of Dan Auerbach (guitar, keys, vocals) and Patrick Carney (drums), formed in Akron, Ohio in 2001 after dropping out of college. Since then they have released seven albums and become a sensation among the American rock crowd. 

“Little Black Submarines” is one of my favorite songs from their album El Camino. It begins quite soulfully with just Auerbach’s voice and soft guitar accompaniment. He speaks of trying to reach to a loved one and being unable to do so. In my opinion, it’s quite reminiscent in style to a White Stripes song. 

The Dirty Projectors

Lo Magellan

Let’s talk about the Dirty Projectors! They play at the Cannery Ball Room this Monday August 13th. This six-piece band is full of expression with their American rock band eclectic style that spreads across their entire span of instruments. In particular, I’d like to point out their singing style.

Although they do have lyrics, singers Amber Coffman (guitar) and Olga Bellthey (keys) apply lots of ahhs and ohhs to back lead singer David Longstreth, that takes ahold of their song immediately. Take for instance their song “Cannibal Resource.” While I do not attempt to fully understand what they are singing about the song is meant to be a little creepy, and they do a wonderful job of that.

Regina Spektor

"Apres Moi"

Who doesn’t love Regina Spektor? Being an avid fan of the musician myself, I’d like to talk about her song “Apres Moi,” that was used as the background of a figure skating duo at the Ice Age: Cup of Pros. The Russian duo gave an outstanding interpretation of the song as they chased each other across the rink, even splattering paint over themselves during their opening scene.

Regina is know for singing in French and Russian, as she does in “Apres Moi.” In fact, she is a native of Moscow who moved to the United States as refugee through the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. She learned piano at an early age, but had to leave the instrument behind when she left the Soviet Union in 1989. After moving to New York she began practicing piano in the basement of her synagogue.

Dr. Dog

Takers & Leavers EP

Want to hear something new? Take a step back six years and listen to Dr. Dog’s Takers & Leavers EP. While this is by no means their latest album, it is a great way to get a cheap taste of the band Dr. Dog, being only $5.94 on iTunes. This six piece indie rock band from West Grove, Pennsylvania have dubbed themselves and their friends with nicknames that pertain to their personal lives. All of the names start with T, such as Taxi, Tables, Truck, Today, Trial, Thanks, Teach, Text and Turbo.

Their earlier albums give off a lo-fi sound that is not present in their latest albums, which have a much cleaner production sound. I find their music to be quite soulful both in voice and instruments such as church organ. They are quite reminiscent of the 1960s, mainly during their harmonies, such as in their song “California.”  

Oh No Fiasco

Knoxville based rock band

Check out the up and coming band Oh No Fiasco, formerly The Few, from Knoxville, TN. They recently played in the Vans Warped Tour and are finally playing through your computer speakers as you read this article! Look up their song “Cardiac Arrest,” oneof my favorite of their songs from their album titled Oh No Fiasco. They’ve been called the next Paramore with their punk rock attitude.