June 2012

Jack White's new project hits Nashville

This May I fulfilled a life-long dream of mine and saw Jack White at the Ryman! He performed two nights in a row with both his all-female and all-male bands. I witnessed the latter. He inspired a sense of rebellion that I desperately needed, not only through the lyrics and stage presence that I take to heart, but even in the way his band was set up. For instance, his drummer played with all of his drums and symbols tilted away from him. I've heard that Jack loves to make challenges like this for himself, and his band, to keep it interesting and create a new kind of sound. 

The Black Lips: Garage/ flower punk in your ears!

The sound of smashed beer cans against a bass guitar sparks the the influence of recklessness most listeners experience after seeing The Black Lips perform. The Atlanta-based flower punk band most known for their hit “Bad Kids,” which was included in the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack, has recently graced the What Stage at this year’s Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN. 

Kurt Cobain for weight loss

Yeah, you heard that right.

Sometimes I wonder what Kurt Cobain might think if he knew that people in 2012 (OK, a person in 2012) used his “Smells Like Teen Spirit” as a workout song. I’d imagine it would either be with apathy (why care, it’s his song and he doesn’t know me) or complete disdain (that’s not appreciation, but an abominable use of the song!). I have no idea, nor will I ever. But I can tell you that my heart thanks Kurt Cobain, and the PlayStation game makers who have made money on him after his death.

Though my current workout is most often walking the track at the Rec Center (it’s free and it’s air conditioned!), my current favorite is actually putting in SingStar, selecting “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” and screaming the song along with Nirvana as I jump off the couch, head bang, and generally work up a sweat. I know that of the people who know me personally, half can definitely see me doing this—and the other half is perplexed at the very idea!