August 2011

Brandi Carlile Live in Concert

I went to see Brandi Carlile in concert a few weeks ago. I’ve loved Brandi ever since her first album, but I’ve never gotten to see her live in concert. Brandi’s love for music, her band and her audience is that much more alive when she’s onstage—she jumped off chairs, got right up in her band mates’ faces when they were playing solos and sang songs without microphones. She was a sight to see.

Folksy, '60s-style pop: a trend in alternative music

I went to see Brandi Carlile last week. She has the kind of backwoods country flavor that you imagine at a little bar in the hills—like she has to play her guitar and yell her big voice over a wailing jukebox and a bunch of drunk dudes sipping their third rounds of beer. But she sells out all of her shows. She’s kind of country, kind of folksy, kind of backwoods with a little bit of ‘60s pop thrown in. I don’t know how you’d classify that mix, but that’s how I’d describe Brandi.

But I think she’s not alone in this description.  In the past few years, a bunch of bands have come around with the same kind of aesthetic—like they were pulled from a 1960’s rural bar after they'd been weaned on the Beatles and Patsy Cline. Let’s look at some of these bands that might fall into this category: