September 2008

10 Most Depressing Songs Of Grunge

Warning: Keep all sharp objects away while listening to this music! What was it about the 90s that inspired such depressing music?  Especially in Seattle, where "grunge" was born, I mean, is there something in the water or is it all those rainy days?  How did we keep from slitting our wrists while listening to this stuff?  Here are my picks for the most depressing music from the soundtrack of my youth.  We actually could've compiled a list using only Alice In Chains songs, but for the sake of fairness, there was so much to pick from.  These were some gloomy times.
  • 10- "Black" -Pearl Jam
  • 9- "Black Hole Sun" -Soundgarden
  • 8- "Superstar" -Sonic Youth
  • 7- "Doll Parts" -Hole
  • 6- "Rooster" -Alice In Chains
  • 5- "Sweet Jane" -Cowboy Junkies
  • 4- "All Apologies" -Nirvana
  • 3- "Under the Bridge" -Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • 2- "We Die Young" -Alice In Chains
  • 1- "Dirt" -Alice In Chains

Kurt Cobain, a suicide-themed birthday party, and Courtney Love

I think it's pretty much an accepted fact that Courtney Love was no good for Kurt Cobain's career and health, but that hasn't stopped Nirvana's former manager Danny Goldberg from letting the world know what he thinks of the widow Cobain. According to this article Goldberg claims:
"Love had an instrumental role in Cobain's struggles with heroin and acted as the frontman's "mouthpiece"."
He goes on to say about Courtney Love:
"Abruptly, the dark cloud of drug excess had entered the band's life. I was confronted by the baroque facade of lies and the awful glassy-eyed deadness that regular heroin use provides."

Maldita Vecindad still rocking

Maldita Vecindad y los Hijos del 5o Patio are touring in the states for the next few months. I'm really bummed out that they're not coming to my hometown, these guys are really good, especially live. They're from Mexico so expect the music to be in Espanol, but you really don't need to be fluent in Spanish to understand that Maldita Vecindad is a group of crazy, but talented Mexicans. The lead singer, Roco wears a pachuco outfit, and the rest of the band looks like a medley of grungy rockers. Maldita Vecindad is high energy, hyper-punk with horns. They're considered ska, but they're definitely no denying where they're from. There are elements of Mexican regional music in their songs. Maldita Vecindad has a unique and eclectic sound, they are a bit dated, though. But nonetheless worth checking out. They're a whole hell of a lot better than the crap that's out there right now posing as alternative. These guys are uncompromising artists, they take risks. It's refreshing. Check them out.

Billy Corgan is my Guitar Hero

Alternative music from the nineties is getting a second life in the form of Guitar Hero. Bands like Soundgarden, the Stone Temple Pilots and now the Smashing Pumpkins are lending their music for one the most popular video games in recent history. Billy Corgan is taking it one step further by actually releasing the new Smashing Pumpkins single exclusively for Guitar Hero. This seems so bizarre. Has the status of this video game been elevated to the point of importance for musicians? How can any of these artists say no to the chance of having their songs be immortalized by millions of adolescent boys the world over? Not to mention the exposure they get in the mainstream. And for all the boys from the generation of when this music was popular, you get to live out your fantasy of being able to play Black Hole Sun or Sex Type Thing. But I wonder, are these guys selling out? Are they so desperate to be back in the spotlight that they will peddle their songs to a video game?