August 2008

Rage Against the Machine to hijack political event

One of my favorite alt-rock bands of all time, Rage Against the Machine, is back! They recently reformed to play at the Reading and Leeds festivals last weekend in the UK. Sadly, the band says they have no plans to record any new material. One thing that is planned however, is a stunt at the Republican Convention next week in Minneapolis. The politically opinionated rockers want to picket the event and no doubt will get media attention, so stay tuned. I think it's great that there is a band with enough balls to go out there and voice their opinions about things that actually matter, like say, presidential elections.

song title

Please!!!Some one help me find the name and artist of a song that I have heard on the radio several times lately. It is hard and has some of the following (or sounds like).... Down here, in days sweet days, all that I see, is all that i need, and down here, your not my enemy....... don't know any more...but i would be eternally grateful. thanx -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- View Entire Thread - View All from alternative208 - View All from


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