July 2008

The Third's the Charm for Portishead

I am listening to the new Portishead album titled Third, the band's first release in over ten years. This much anticipated album is a testament to the band's evolution from trip-hop trance music, to an expressive and experimental body of work that transcends convention. This is Portishead matured. Third is a very beat-driven piece of work which digresses into the folky with the song Deep Water and is immediately thrust back into harsh industrial noise in the song Machine Gun. So far my favorite songs are Plastic and Small which are more vintage Portishead in their painfully depressing lyrics about love and betrayal. Beth Gibbon's haunting voice takes the listener deeper and deeper into their dark world of despair. In my opinion this is Portishead's best work so far, it is a work of art that commands attention and respect.

song title

Please!!!Some one help me find the name and artist of a song that I have heard on the radio several times lately. It is hard and has some of the following (or sounds like).... Down here, in days sweet days, all that I see, is all that i need, and down here, your not my enemy....... don't know any more...but i would be eternally grateful. thanx -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- View Entire Thread - View All from alternative208 - View All from


I keep hearing a song on the radio, and it never mentions artist or song name...goes something like this: Cry me a River.... Tears on my pillow...Tears of a broken heart it's just devotion taking me over

I remember....

I do remember grunge being actually grungy. I lived in Seattle in the 90's (I've pretty much always lived here). I also remember a weird moment where most of the people I worked with and hung out after work came here because they thought it would be really cool to be in the place that Nirvana and Pearl Jam came from (or were in at the moment). Of course, many of them left disillusioned pretty fast. Actually, looking back with perfect 20/20, all of these people now live in Atlanta, New Orleans, Anchorage, etc.. Its really strange to me - Seattle seemed grungy (without a music to champion that) my entire life, but suddenly and briefly, the country saw it and came. And then it was over. Anyone else witness this? Do you miss it? Was it worth it?