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The Cave Singers

The Cave Singers from Seattle, WA are welcoming a beautiful new album into the world, delivery date is only a few weeks away, on August 18th and will be called Welcome Joy. Highly anticipated and celebrated, the album with be the little brother to firstborn, Invitation Songs released 2007 at the house of Matador. 

Peter Quirk, Derek Fudesco and Marty Lund are good folks, especially when it comes to good folkin' razzmatazz rock music full of heart and soul rainstorm psychedelia, scratching on the wet tin roof of Appalachin whiskey distilleries, calling with the creaking fingers of bewondered black walnut, hard driven by hope and epiphany shaking out in showers of sweetlikesugarcandystardust sparkling with the mysteries of a cosmic forest!!

Or something very similar to that. Look how cute they are!!!

The Cave Singers will be starting a North American tour with Lightening Dust who joined the trio, in part for the making of Welcome Joy, as well as members from Black Mountain. Looking forward to catching one of their shows soon! They are always such a treat to see live!