Who is Lana del rey?

Who is Lana del rey?

Why does the story of Lana Del Rey remind me of the lead character from Madmen, Don Draper? Oh yes, because apparently like Don (whose real name is Dick Whitman and hides a secretive past) Lana Del Rey’s real name is Lizzie Grant and her past is almost a complete mystery to anyone who’s tried to google her. 

Lana Del Rey has graced YouTube, the New York Times, MTV News, Billboard, and just recently Saturday Night Live. But who is she? Her name is on the lips over millions yet we know almost next to nothing about this character.


Lizzie Grant (Lana Del Rey’s real name) was a struggling singer song writer, who like everyone else trying to score big, posted her singing videos on YouTube and successfully soared to fame over night. Within just three months, Grant has self designed the persona of Lana Del Rey, has become an internet sensation, and recently appeared on SNL singing her debut hits Video Games and Blue Jeans. But after her awkward appearance on SNL (In a ball gown she swayed back and forth and unsteadily sang each song) her new found fame has come under fire, along with her personal story.


Just a few minutes of searching on the internet will result in contradicting “facts” about the young singer, leaving people wondering who the heck is Lana Del Rey and why are we so inthralled with her? She’s told reporters she’s from upstate New York and was raised in an upper class family, while other accounts claim that she was brought up in a tailer park. Her appearances were drastically different from her YouTube videos and her performance on SNL. And while she touts herself as a gangster version of Nancy Sinatra, she’s also embracing the hipster style and claims to target this audience.


For now she remains an enigma but I’m sure her mystery will be what keeps us wanting to know and hear more.