Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor

"Apres Moi"

Who doesn’t love Regina Spektor? Being an avid fan of the musician myself, I’d like to talk about her song “Apres Moi,” that was used as the background of a figure skating duo at the Ice Age: Cup of Pros. The Russian duo gave an outstanding interpretation of the song as they chased each other across the rink, even splattering paint over themselves during their opening scene.

Regina is know for singing in French and Russian, as she does in “Apres Moi.” In fact, she is a native of Moscow who moved to the United States as refugee through the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. She learned piano at an early age, but had to leave the instrument behind when she left the Soviet Union in 1989. After moving to New York she began practicing piano in the basement of her synagogue.

Spektor states that she is, “very connected to the [Russian] language and culture,” having quoted from the poem February by Boris Pasternak in the song “Apres Moi.” The song’s title is actually in French however, meaning “after me.” This line is repeated in the song as so: “Apres moi le deluge. After me comes the flood. I must go on standing. You can’t break that which isn’t yours.”

As an avid listener of folk music, I believe that it is important to go back to your roots. Regina has done just that with her music and has made a lasting impression on many people because of it. This beautiful ice skating event is merely scratching the surface on that impact.