Omaha's Gus and Call

Omaha's Gus and Call




I saw a great show last night at Slowdown, Omaha’s hip entertainment venue and bar. As a part of the December concert series, local band Gus and Call played their first CD release show at the beginning of the month. Now it seems, as if backed by popular demand, the band will continue to return every Thursday throughout the rest of the month and play additional concerts. 

It’s no surprise the band is booked through to January. The group, consisting of 2 vocalists and 5 instrumentalists, has a refreshing sound that can be described as a unique blur of various genres, including folk, country, rock, and psychedelic. Judging by the large turnout last night, they seem to be having a successful run here in Omaha and will hopefully continue to gain widespread listeners.


If you are looking for an audial idea of what Gus and Call sounds like, try and remember the final scene from the movie The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and the infamous song that accompanies it. Now mix these classic western sounds with the psychedelic tones of The Doors and Pink Floyd. It may seem to be an unlikely synthesis of music but those were my initial recalls when I first heard them play their dynamic set last night.


If interested in listening for yourself, have a look around the band’s website and sample a few of their songs.


And, if you happen to be in Omaha looking for a fun and cheap event ($5 at the door), stop by Slowdown any Thursday this month for a live show.