Notable bands from 2011

Notable bands from 2011


Here are a few of NPR’s notable bands from 2011. Check out their site and listen to each groups’ popular singles.

Of Monsters and Men: 

This six member indie/folk band from Iceland has been described as the “new Arcade Fire” and Iceland’s very own “Mumford and Sons”. Their well known single Little Talks was recorded live on Seattle’s local radio station KEXP and won a national battle of bands competition, instantly propelling them into the spotlight. Their first album, My Head is an Animal, was released in September of this year and more good sounds are expected to come from this group in the future.


Canon Blue:

A bizarre combination of indie, electronica, and “folktronica” have converged to form the unique sounds Daniel James’ side project, Canon Blue. They broke the scene after opening for Foster the People and their single “Indian Summer” was featured as the song of the day on NPR in October. Their new album Rumspringa debuted in August.


Apparat Organ Quartet:

Also from Iceland, this synth rock band has created their own unique genre of organ quartet which utilizes old synthesizers, organs and other various vintage keyboards with vocals randomly thrown in the mix. Although the band has been around since 1999, their newest album Polyfonia was released in 2010 and is considered a great album to listen to if you need an energetic pick-me-up. 


JD McPherson:

If you’re hankering for the sounds of rock and roll from the 1950s but looking for a contemporary band that will continue to pump out tunes, check out JD McPherson and his band’s new album (2010) Signs and Signifiers