Norah Jones

Norah Jones

'Little Broken Hearts' album

Norah Jones is easily a house hold name with her signature jazz voice and piano skills that have blown everyone out of the water since her first album Come Away With Me in 2002 with hits like “Don’t Know Why” and “Feelin’ the Same Way”. But could you envision her singing soft rock? 

Now having released her latest album this past April, the singer-songwriter has taken to a very new genre of music along with an experimental way to write songs. In her album Little Broken Hearts, Jones collaborates with producer Brian “Danger Mouse” Burton to write this album from the ground up in the studio. 

The works include songs of loneliness, murder and above all, love. The album is nothing like the Norah Jones you’ve know in the past, this being a soft rock album that has a backbone of guitar and piano with a much more electronic feel behind it. However, Norah does not compromise her voice for this change in genre. She still holds strong her true voice, a voice that flows like honey off the album cover.

In fact, the album cover was inspired by a poster in Burton’s studio from the 1965 “sex-and-violence exploitation classic Mudhoney." It definitely gives off an edgy retro feel that is nothing like Jones’ past album covers. I personally have been listening to this album in my car since it came out in April and cannot get enough of it.

It’s a calming work, but at the same time displays a sense of rage and frustration that goes a long with love. Quite and inspiring piece made by two very talented musicians, you can surely sense their growing friendship within the depth and complexity of their music.