Kurt Cobain for weight loss

Kurt Cobain for weight loss

Yeah, you heard that right.

Sometimes I wonder what Kurt Cobain might think if he knew that people in 2012 (OK, a person in 2012) used his “Smells Like Teen Spirit” as a workout song. I’d imagine it would either be with apathy (why care, it’s his song and he doesn’t know me) or complete disdain (that’s not appreciation, but an abominable use of the song!). I have no idea, nor will I ever. But I can tell you that my heart thanks Kurt Cobain, and the PlayStation game makers who have made money on him after his death.

Though my current workout is most often walking the track at the Rec Center (it’s free and it’s air conditioned!), my current favorite is actually putting in SingStar, selecting “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” and screaming the song along with Nirvana as I jump off the couch, head bang, and generally work up a sweat. I know that of the people who know me personally, half can definitely see me doing this—and the other half is perplexed at the very idea!

But I’m telling you, you’ll feel like Angus Young on a stage full of fans as you scream out lyrics, bother your neighbors, and wear your furniture out prematurely. As you wake up your sleepy child who demands to know what you are doing at eight in the morning, making so much noise as she tries to sleep in throughout the summer, you might feel sheepishly embarrassed at first—but make it a habit and you’ll be looking forward to it.

You just have to do it when no one else is at home so they don’t walk in on you (or demand you to stop screaming as they attempt to eat or sleep or simply breathe without your noise). If your children are young, they should be okay with it; mine is now, and I think that since I let her be loud all day long, it’s okay if Mommy’s loud for just half an hour (sometimes even less).

It’s not just Nirvana, of course. I love to use just about every SingStar game there is, from Queen to ABBA, Classic Legends to 80s and 90s mixes. But it’s Nirvana’s powerful song that really gets me pumped—and it’s also the one I play the most often.

Need a new workout to boost your health and have a good time? Try karaoke screaming (or singing) coupled with wild dancing with abandon. I can almost guarantee you will love it!