Formerly 'The Format'

Are you tired of hearing “We Are Young” on every radio station in town? So am I. But don’t be discouraged! Let me introduce you to Fun.’s first album Aim And Ignite as well as their former band The Format, which are much better examples, in my opinion, of their musicianship than their latest album Some Nights. If you like their latest album you will love their early works!

Let’s start with their album Aim And Ignite. As you may or may not know, Fun.’s lead singer writes the songs for his band but cannot play a single instrument. This can prove cumbersome for the band, but ultimately they fall through with an amazing piece. With that in mind listen to this album with some appreciation. Songs like “Be Calm,” “The Gambler” and “Light a Roman Candle With Me” speak of love and how to handle difficulties in life while songs such as “Walking the Dog” talk about walking the dog because there isn’t anything else to do. 

Lead singer, Nate Ruess, encompasses the same vocal techniques in both Fun. and The Format, one band simply sold better than the other. However, the instruments used in the two bands are quite different, with The Format putting much more emphasis on guitar. His voice is very young in sound and has an impressive range, often slowing down and becoming very weepy during the more contemplative parts of his songs.

Being a relatively new listener to his former band The Format, I cannot give too much detail into those albums but can suggest songs that you should listen to. You will no doubt enjoy their music as much as you do Fun.’s. Do not hesitate to watch music videos of songs such as “Dog Problems,” “The Compromise” and “She Doesn’t Get It.”