Dr. Dog

Dr. Dog

Takers & Leavers EP

Want to hear something new? Take a step back six years and listen to Dr. Dog’s Takers & Leavers EP. While this is by no means their latest album, it is a great way to get a cheap taste of the band Dr. Dog, being only $5.94 on iTunes. This six piece indie rock band from West Grove, Pennsylvania have dubbed themselves and their friends with nicknames that pertain to their personal lives. All of the names start with T, such as Taxi, Tables, Truck, Today, Trial, Thanks, Teach, Text and Turbo.

Their earlier albums give off a lo-fi sound that is not present in their latest albums, which have a much cleaner production sound. I find their music to be quite soulful both in voice and instruments such as church organ. They are quite reminiscent of the 1960s, mainly during their harmonies, such as in their song “California.”  

“Ain’t It Strange” also gives off that '60s vibe that I’m speaking of. The album has a theme of love and dreaming that especially gives an air of the '60s lifestyle. Actually, at the end of the EP’s last song “Livin’ a Dream” a poem written by Dr. Dog’s Scott McMicken which includes the lines:

“Well, I know there’s always been greed and green acres, and war and peace makers. And then there’s your takers and your leavers, your havers and your havers and your needers.”

Need I say this is where the album title comes from? Being a keyboardist and singer, I especially love the song “Die, Die, Die,” being mainly composed of a singer and organ with a soulful preaching-like tune that hits me as the saddest song on the album with lines like, “I don’t want to die in your arms I just want to die” and “you died in my arms when I died.” But if depressing songs are not your cup of tea, do not be dismayed! Listen to “I’ve Just Got To Tell You.” It will surely have you swooning and jumping for joy!