The Dirty Projectors

The Dirty Projectors

Lo Magellan

Let’s talk about the Dirty Projectors! They play at the Cannery Ball Room this Monday August 13th. This six-piece band is full of expression with their American rock band eclectic style that spreads across their entire span of instruments. In particular, I’d like to point out their singing style.

Although they do have lyrics, singers Amber Coffman (guitar) and Olga Bellthey (keys) apply lots of ahhs and ohhs to back lead singer David Longstreth, that takes ahold of their song immediately. Take for instance their song “Cannibal Resource.” While I do not attempt to fully understand what they are singing about the song is meant to be a little creepy, and they do a wonderful job of that.

The band is from Brooklyn, having released seven full-length albums, they are not new to their trade. Longstreth’s first album, The Graceful Fallen Mango was a project that began during his freshman year at Yale University and was released in 2002. Ten years later and he his latest album, Swing Lo Magellan, is meant to be a collection of songs instead of an album with an underlying theme.

One of my favorites from this album is called “Gun Has No Trigger.” It’s quite eerie and much more personal than some of their former songs. It’s definitely experimental rock with Longstreth singing a rock-like ballad, Olga and Amber singing ohs in the background throughout the entire song, with bass and drums pulling the song forward with every word spoken. It has somewhat of a spiritual sound to it. I would also suggest listening to their song “The Socialites” from their latest album. It’s much more upbeat and shows off Amber Coffman’s beautifully soul-ridden, but petite voice. So go see them this Monday!