Northen Hills

Need something new to listen to in the car? Turn off your radio and play the album Northern Hills from the L.A. based folk rock band Dawes. This being the first of two albums, the four piece band pulls from influences such as Crosby, Stills, and Nash and Neil Young via their connection to the Laurel Canyon sound in California, a neighborhood where they recorded this album to an analog tape, giving it a vintage sound. Their music is centered around the theme of love and the value of life and the time we have with it, with catchy choruses atop a simple mix of guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. 

Much of their vocals are focused on harmonies during their choruses, that give them a flare of folk. This is especially true in the song, “Give Me Time.” However their verses are often much more like rock ballads with their lead singer Taylor Goldsmith’s very broad and elongated rock-like vocals. This combination of two sounds are what make Dawes so entertaining to listen to. You probably know them from their song “When My Time Comes.” They even played that song and “How Far We’ve Come” on December 1, 2011 alongside Jackson Browne at Liberty Park during Occupy Wall Street. If you’ve never heard of them, here is the playlist of five songs I suggest listening to and where/ how I would listen to them:

1) That Western Skyline

2) When My Time Comes

3) Love Is All I Am

4) Give Me Time

5) Take Me Out Of The City

They’re playing at the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville on August 16!