The Black Keys

The Black Keys

"Little Black Submarine"

Let’s talk about The Black Key’s new song “Little Black Submarines,” from their latest album El Camino. The two-piece band, made up of Dan Auerbach (guitar, keys, vocals) and Patrick Carney (drums), formed in Akron, Ohio in 2001 after dropping out of college. Since then they have released seven albums and become a sensation among the American rock crowd. 

“Little Black Submarines” is one of my favorite songs from their album El Camino. It begins quite soulfully with just Auerbach’s voice and soft guitar accompaniment. He speaks of trying to reach to a loved one and being unable to do so. In my opinion, it’s quite reminiscent in style to a White Stripes song. 

After the song has been performed in an acoustic setting, the song picks up with electric guitar, drums, both members singing, and in the spirit of rock music the chorus is repeated with a growing intensity followed by guitar solos. The song reaches out to me as a listener mainly because of the dynamic quality it holds by starting off simple and raw and ending with a bang.

This is especially important when the band consists of only two people and only so much sound can be produced. This means that the art of growing in volume and intricacy is extremely important. If you enjoyed this song I would also suggest listening to other songs of theirs such as “Tighten Up,” “Your Touch” and “Too Afraid To Love You.” Their music videos and interviews are often funny and worth checking out as well!