The Arctic Monkeys take America by storm!

The Arctic Monkeys take America by storm!

Get ready to rock with the Arctic Monkeys! This English indie rock band has taken the world by storm with their latest tour in America. Having seen the band perform in Nashville, I can attest to their sheer awesomeness. Most people know them from their hit song “Fluorescent Adolescent,” which I would suggest listening to.

The band truly is full of adolescents having fun on stage with their guitars, nothing more, nothing less. My favorite album of theirs is Favorite Worst Nightmare. Their most well known, and often performed songs, are included in this album.

Expect nothing less than a great time with these boys. You’ll never want the show to end with their catchy lyrics and danceable tunes combined with the grunge of indie garage band madness! The band consists of four members: a vocalist, guitarist, bassist and drummer. 

The simplicity of their makeup gives much merit to the musicality that comes from their recordings and live performances. While some have given this band rough reviews, never be dismayed by any article I write! Expect the unexpected and live life dangerously with this group of boys and I don’t think you will be disappointed.

No, they are not amazingly studied musicians, but frankly who cares? Their ability to write songs that are extremely catchy without falling into the category of mainstream music is a huge feat for any musician, no matter their status. So go ahead and give this band a listen. If you don’t like them I’ll give your time back guaranteed! However physically impossible that may be, I am clearly sure you will enjoy the Arctic Monkeys.