Aguilera called diva" after being called fat is unfair

Aguilera called diva" after being called fat is unfair


Sure, she probably is a Diva, but can Christina Aguilera really be called a B*^%$# because of her reactions to the media calling her fat?

Lately, Aguilera, and star judge on the television show The Voice has come under the media spotlight and instead of talking about her vocal abilities, everyone is commenting on her pudge. Although critics have said and published hurtful comments about Aguilera’s weight, she continues to ignore their criticisms and says she loves her body the way it is. 


But there are nasty reports being released stating that this is not Aguilera’s true feelings and that behind the set of The Voice she is quite the diva, going so far as to ask the camera men to shoot her in a way that makes her appear skinnier. She’s even been reported as being “intolerable”, “bullying” and “unprofessional” on the set of the reality competition show. Apparently her demands for being shot by cameramen at certain angles are even holding up production and she’s even asked that scenes be re-shot.


The singer who is a mere 5 feet 2 inches is said to be “tipping” the scales at 140 pounds (she used to be 100 pounds).


However I’m just not buying this. Of course the woman is bound to be a bit on edge when the media and S%#* magazines like the Enquirer call her fat. Of course if you’re being bombarded by media bashing your weight, you’ll ask people on the set of your show to help you out and make you appear slimmer as a means of preventing further harassment. 


Even her three co-hosts, (all men) have called her out for her diva behavior but honestly I don’t know what they can say. I mean honestly Cee Lo Green you’re no light weight. And if the media ever bashed on him for his weight (which they never will cause he’s a dude) he’s probably turn diva too.


Lay off the girl. She’s still sexy and she’s got amazing pipes.